COFFEE BREAK

                YOUNG AMBITION STORY

I had a coffee break on Tuesday. How Does? I woke up early that morning, the children were going to school. We were prepared immediately. While I was trying to feed my son jam and bread in my hand, I was telling my daughter to put on her coat. It was a very cold winter day, and I tried to warm my two kids’ hands with my hands. My son’s nose was red from the cold. As for my daughter, I left them at the school door, even when her eyes with her beret pulled up to her ears were barely visible. They both waved their hands to their friends and then entered the school. I wasn’t comfortable until the kids came in from school. When they came in, I took a deep sigh and hit my way home. I didn’t have gloves on my hands and I forgot it in the cloakroom because of the fuss. When I realized that my hands were red, I put it in my pocket and fell.

There was a primary school on one end of the neighborhood and a high school on the other. Our house was a street behind high school. I stopped by our grocery store, bought two loaves of bread, I would go home to have breakfast and make easy sandwiches to feed the children at noon. It was fifteen minutes between school and home, and an hour between school, that is, half an hour on the way, so I had to easily prepare food. The summer was nice because the weather was hot, so we spent lunch with the children in the schoolyard. All mothers united and one of us took care of the children every day. In the meantime, we were all gathering together. Of course, this situation was good for us as well as very sad for poor children. We were solving the problem by getting them among us and letting them be friends with our children immediately. With these thoughts, as I was passing by the high school, I noticed a few young people in front of a car at the high school door. A loud sound of music was rising from the car, and the windows were wide open. Two people inside were releasing a steaming thing in their hands with their arms outstretched. It should have been a cigarette.

Then I got very close to them while they were trying to look inside the car after leaving the school, two teachers came from the school and they warned the students to enter the school and the young people did not even care. The two young people in the car were yelling and yelling at the teachers. Behind the teachers appeared a loud voice, an old but quite upright stance. You two did not come for the lesson, beli. He’s just seventeen, but your father bought a car. Congratulations. Now if you are not going to class, what are you doing here? Get lost or I’ll call the police. In addition, your families will be informed about this. The two teenagers in the car laughed and said, “Our father knows we have taken the car. Yes, our father bought us a car so that we can finish high school. Well, we’ll finish it sometime, anyway, we bought the car, nothing else is needed. ” “Oh, so you don’t need a license to drive.” The young man in the front seat said: ‘Hodja, you’re tugging too much. No problem . What you call a car is not different from a car game. “

“There is no problem with the manager, we practiced collision with cars that collide every day, nothing happens.”

 Even though the manager got angry, trying not to reveal, he put his hand in his pocket and was looking for something. Turned to the teachers un get the kids into the classroom. Call the guardian of these two. “Meanwhile, he said,” I’m looking for the police, too “and pulled out the phone.

   Meanwhile, I had crossed the opposite sidewalk and even fifteen steps past the school door. I can not hear the speech anymore anyway, I got rid of these young people derke;

  The teenagers started the car while cursing a mouthful, and the car moved with a final face. I will never, ever forget what I saw when I looked back to see what was happening. I know that moment I will die before my eyes.

  What happened?

  The young people stepped on such a gas that they jumped onto the road as smoke rose from the ground. There was a car cruising on the road behind the car that jumped at full speed, and although he screamed painfully in order not to hit the car that suddenly jumped in front of him, he could not manage it and hit the rear side hood because the car, which was driving very fast, with young people, was not fully settled. The car was suddenly thrown and jumped forward.

What happened to the car in the back? They bounced back as if crashed into a wall and swung. While the car in the back was hitting the pole behind me, the car of the youth jumped right in front of me and hit the front of the woman, who saw the incident coming from the opposite lane and stepped on the firebox and looked at the car from the front. After the back of the car, the front was also smashed, and as the front of the woman was shattered and the windows exploded, the car came and hit me. Since the incident was happening right in front of me, I was stunned and did not know what to do. I was realizing the events but could not move. Then I heard a voice. The headmaster was screaming into the school with a loud voice. Call the ambulance, the police, quickly. Let the kids in, nobody will come here. Then when the youth’s car was about to crash into the car of the woman standing in front of me, I looked at the manager and the room was looking at me and shouting, “Mistress, run away. AVOID… ‘ I mean, it is not enough to say whether the car will hit me, I saw the red car coming on me and my eyes darkened. I collapsed like an ingot. My internal organs hummed, I hit a very cold place. Sounds from my brain rushed into my ear and I lost it all.

He heard a voice coming to myself. The voice of a woman crying, a sharp smell of lemon cologne on my nose and warmth in my hands. Incredible pain in my body. Pain from my legs that penetrates my brain. I groaned with that pain and opened my eyes. At first everything was blurry. My eyes couldn’t see anything. Everything and everything was blurry. I felt the warm wetness on my hand. A woman was sitting next to me endlessly calling me ‘Mistress, are you okay? Mistress. ‘. Then I felt he was looking at someone, and there was another shadow on my head. Another bent over looking at me. ‘ I did not do anything. I didn’t do anything, ‘was saying the woman. The other shadow bowed to the woman and grabbed her shoulder ‘It’s not your fault. Please calm down. A little dan ambulance is here. You should also be taken care of. You too are hurt. Look, your hands are covered with blood.

‘I have nothing. My belt was fastened. The air bag is deployed. Nothing happened to me. Don’t let anything happen to him either. If only there was another airbag to save him. ‘ Man: lı I understand you. Calm down, please. ‘ Woman: “Well, how are those young people doing?” Man: ‘I don’t know. My friends . He said they were himself. ‘ Woman: I hope they wore a belt. The car has a new airbag. ‘ Man: ‘the car is new, but its belts were not fastened, it was injured in it and they injured many people too. Anyway ‘The man sighed and looked back. Shadows moved and footsteps were coming. I was frightened by the blurry vision and tightly closed my eyes trying to endure the pain. After all, an ambulance would come. Then I heard the voice of that woman in fear and pain again. Woman: “What if that other car hit the young people from behind. Because of him …” but the man intervened.

Man: ‘Please be calm. That vehicle did not cause the accident. When the young people’s car jumped out of the front of the school, as he did every day, he could not escape and crashed. That man has no fault. Now I saw that the man’s condition is not very good, he was a retired officer. It has been a month since he retired. In his car, the veteran was ten years old car. The veteran is ruined now he keeps saying what to do but first .. ‘the man could not bring the rest his voice trembled. As I was dealing with the pain, she wondered why I still didn’t wake up. Suddenly I thought of my children and I opened my eyes, moaning in pain. This time they both realized: Have you woken up? I wasn’t even aware of how my voice was coming out at that moment, but I remember the words I said very well. ‘Please call my wife. Children kids at school. If I don’t go get them, they’ll get scared. “

The two shadows looked at each other. The hand of the woman holding my hand trembled. Man: Don’t worry, we’ll let you know. Even if you want, let us give you the phone call and talk to your spouse. ” There was a slight relief in the man’s voice, but he couldn’t say anything for a while with my reply. ‘I see blurry. I can not see you. ‘ At that moment the eyes and hands, who were staring in confusion with the cold trembling fear, froze and locked together. An ambulance sounds. “Can I open your bag and take your phone, if you will. Let’s call your spouse. ” At that moment, I remember having a hard time catching my breath and even shaking the woman’s hand a lot. The woman grabbed my hands in both hands, “Please take it. My wife’s name (I was trying to swallow. I felt my throat burning) Murat efe. Please let me know

After that, a lot of loud noise, a lot of painful screaming siren and two people appearing on my head and jaundice. As these yellow shadows drove the woman next to me, I could hear the voice of the man a few steps away. Until then, I did not even notice the voice of the young man asking me questions.

 Man: Hello sir, sir. Yes, this is your wife’s phone. Please calm down. I …. High school principal Ali…. I am calling you because there was an accident in front of our school and your spouse was injured in this accident. Currently paramedics are taking care of him. In any case, they will be taken to the nearest hospital. Yes, yes, your spouse wanted me to call you because he was not in a position to speak well. Please calm down and your spouse wants to take your children from school. I think they stay at school during lunch break and he’s worried that they’ll get scared. Please calm down, he can’t talk because the paramedics are on his hand … “

 Dereken, I heard the young man’s voice calling out to me: Madam sir madam do you hear me? God is clear but eyes are light. ‘

 When I react to the light that touches my eye ‘Oh whatever. Do you hear me. ‘

‘I hear. ‘ I was even more surprised to hear the woman shout: ‘Her eyes can’t see please help her. ‘ The woman was being taken on a stretcher at that time. It was the waist that something hurt. ‘Please calm down, my friend is looking at him. You have glass pieces all over you, I have to remove them. Some of them will be removed from the hospital. ” Woman: “Not going without him.” Paramedic girl: ‘okay, calm down, we will take you two to an ambulance. Now I have to help you with your permission. ‘ That’s when I realized that I was also injured. I just couldn’t move from my place. The young wrapped around my head put a neck collar on my neck and when he asked me about my sore spots. ‘My eyes see everything blurred. An angle from my legs is sticking in my brain. I remember when he said my ears howling ‘. Then the manager came to me and put the phone in my bag and said, ‘I informed your wife, she will take the children first and leave them to your mother, then they will come next to you, don’t worry.

‘Thank you sir’ ‘How did you know? Speaking? ” ‘ Yes. You’re a good man’. Then what happened? My bread bag saved me from this incident that happened during your coffee drinking time. Although the bread, which served as a pillow between me and the car, saved my life, I spent months in the hospital and at home with two leg breaks, and my wife and mother took care of me for a while. But I am thankful that I was staying with my children. I had a concussion. What happened to that woman? The room is good, we both became very good friends, we see each week and even think of starting a business together.

The principal won everyone’s appreciation. Our closest friend became our family friend with his family. The man in the rear car was confined to bed for months, now he is limping and is glad he is with his grandchildren and does not intend to drive again.

  The two teenagers stayed in the hospital for a year. Driving the car was to be thrown in jail and received a house arrest. He regretted what he had done. His friend, who provoked him and told them to escape, was released from prison when he threw all the blame on him and did not regret what he had done. It even flaunted it.

  As the days passed and all the families removed their children from him, he was treated as leper and did not know what to do when he was not asked from any school. He still doesn’t know.

  What happened to their families, their parents were questioned, and they were condemned to a life that they could not even give themselves to account for what they gave us and their children.

What did we say? “Some of us blew and roared.” “Some of us left the account to justice and to God” “I would promise my children never to do that.” It seemed unlikely that they could understand this. Nobody died, but we all suffered greatly. Some of our yachts have changed completely. The newly blooming youth, whose dreams, just for the sake of a whim, are doomed to spend their whole life forever at the bottom of a blind well suffered greatly. Why did we suffer this pain? You ask why ? Because of a youth fad!


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Mavi Masal İlkay tarafından yayımlandı

hikayeler.. Hikayeler de insanlar beden bulur , ruh bulur. Bizden bir şeyler taşırlar. Bizden esintiler izler , hisler hikayelerde. Hikayeler bir parça umut, bir parça acı, bir parça hüzün , bir parça neşedir. In stories, people find bodies and souls. They carry something from us. There are breezes from us, feelings are in the stories. Stories are a piece of hope, a piece of pain, a piece of sadness, a piece of joy.

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